Better Inventory Management through 3rd party Fulfilment Pick and pack

Better Inventory Management Through 3rd Party Fulfilment Pick And Pack

Outsourcing your Pick and Pack fulfilment doesn’t just mean easier order management but can considerably improve your cost-effective inventory management.

When you outsource your fulfilment, you entrust your stock to somebody else. But just because you can’t see it in your own warehouse won’t mean you have no visibility of you stock movements.

With Fulfilments Warehouse Management System and Order Management system software, you get total control and visibility over your orders and inventory. We describe it as a virtual warehouse on your desktop.

How Will This Work With Your Orders And Inventory?

Through a software – our proven cloud-based order management system – you’ll get total visibility of all transactions and inventory. It will help you maximise profits, plan stock and deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Inventory management on a laptop using Fulfilment Software

Total Visibility of your Stock and Orders

The real-time data and user-friendly dashboards that software provides enable you to:

Visualise live and historical analysis of current stock allocated stock returns and quarantined stock. 

Monitor stock levels, to minimise inventory cost and maintain customer satisfaction. 

Total access to all your data from any device anywhere in the world.

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Custom designed reports and notifications

You can configure reports, notifications and email alerts in software to suit your own business needs.

Mine your data to get new insights and plan ahead.

You decide the notifications you need for orders, stock, goods-in, returns and more.

View real time on line or download files for further inventory management analysis.

Visualise batch processing and support the optimisation of order prioritising

We work with your “Best before end dates”, serial numbers and batch control and bar codes to ensure you send the right product at the right time.

You advise batch release and sequencing.

Complete traceability of batches and product serial numbers.

Manage your inventory closely to reduce costs of stock holding.

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eCommerce customers can use software to track the status of their order through every step of pick, pack, labeling and shipping and end point delivery and POD

Share this visibility with your customers.

Software provides your customer with instant updates and removes confusing and wasteful warehouse paper trails.

Update customers on Order Status from a single screen on the dashboard.

Manage stock control by your Advance Stock Notifications for incoming stock and total visibility of the stock movements in the warehouse.

Client case study

The Problem

Designed in Colour founded in 2015 is a rapidly growing supplier of beautiful quality home wares in British Standard Colours. Derived from a wonderful old colour system created in the 1930’s to match products across the British Commonwealth – from uniforms to Battleships, it fell out of use following the 2nd world war and the advent of digital colour.

Reinvented for the 21st century, the first BCS product – a bone china British-made mug collection, won the prestigious Gift of the Year award in January 2017. Many new collections have been added in 2018, including hand-blown recycled colourful glassware, candle holders and colourful jute placemats.

Designed in Colour wanted to add an eCommerce sales channels to their office-based sales team. It soon became apparent that their current warehouse did not have the specialist B2C capabilities required for their eCommerce operation. They were also suffering from poor inventory management, missed orders and lack of traceability.

Designed in Colour needed a warehouse with the technology to integrate with multiple channels to receive and process orders automatically. They required an eCommerce fulfilment specialist that offered flexibility, low cost delivery, later cut-off times and multiple delivery options.

The Solution

Designed in Colour decided to outsource to Software Fulfilment after reviewing several fulfilment houses as a part of their procurement process. Designed in Colour selected software Fulfilment for their specialist B2C service, designed and built by engineers specifically for eCommerce. The software real-time cloud-based WMS/OMS system integrates with an API to receive orders automatically as soon as they are placed via the Shopify stores. Preventing delays in order processing and ensuring customers have a consistently excellent experience.

Software Fulfilment offered a tailored service that accommodates multiple brands and flexible delivery options with multiple carriers. Software Fulfilment clients also benefit from late cut of times for same-day dispatch and next day delivery, up until 3pm with certain couriers.

Clients of Software Fulfilment have access to the innovative, real-time, cloud-based e-fulfilment system through the Mintsoft dashboard interface. This specialised system uses a robust web database that holds and displays every detail of the fulfilment process – from the moment stock arrives from the supplier, through to delivery with the end user.

The Results

The decision to outsource their fulfilment process has given Designed in Colour the specialist B2B and B2C fulfilment functionality it required. The depth of information available to the Designed in Colour team through software enables them to run their business more efficiently, with ‘intelligent reports’ providing sales trend data and continuously updated stock levels, so that items can be reordered in good time without over-stocking. Important information regarding movement transactions is available in real time, from any PC or tablet connected to the cloud. Stock levels can be visualised, and reports produced easily and efficiently.

The Software Fulfilment and software system supports Designed in Colour’s holistic approach to customer relationship management, with clear customer communication through delivery emails, a visual reporting of the returns process, and effective checking of customer-supplied Information. Designed in Colour is confident that they are providing the best possible service to their customers, while benefiting from the increased efficiency, accuracy and cost savings that the software Fulfilment service offers. Customer satisfaction levels have improved and the cost to the business of warehousing and fulfilment have been driven down.